Love me Curved featured in FabUplus

“Sexy has nothing to do with SIZE, and everything to do with the appeal, energy, and emotion of the moment” –Renina Brown via FabUplus

If you haven’t purchased your copy of this confidence building, curvy revolution magazine you need to go purchase at and read the recent Spring 2017 issue of FabUplus magazine. FabUplus is an up and coming magazine that focuses on the body positive movement and building confidence.

CEO Renina Brown is featured in the Women in Business section alongside other beautiful business woman. She discusses her vision for Love Me Curved and the drive that keeps her in the momentum. This particular issue also features Ashley Nell Tipton recent winner of the top hit TV show Project Runway.


Women in Business featuring Renina Brown of Love Me Curved

Stay tuned for more surprises in 2017 as Love me Curved in Edmond, Oklahoma continues to focus on the body positive movement by helping women feel confident and sexy in their own skin, right now, as it is.

Feel sexy today with Love Me Curved, available in store 14509 N Santa Fe Ave., Edmond, OK 73013 or shop online at

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